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Knowledge of timeshares

Not for most but worth it for some

The one topic that almost always has a negative connotation is the dreaded topic of timeshares. Some things that are true are that: often times the salesman doesn't share everythng and is able to make it seem better than it may really be, there are always yearly maintenance fees and they can go up, and good luck trying to sell it if you no longer want it. Now if that doesn't scare you off then it actually might be good for you.
The only time timeshares are beneficial are if you use them on a regular basis and take advantage of what are called bonus weeks. If you use them every year and take advantage of the ability to trade you will save in the long run. You will stay at nicer resorts for less if you can figure out how to trade your week, oh yeah there is a fee for trading outside of the chain you may have purchased the timeshare with. The bonus weeks aren't too bad though. Bonus weeks/weekends are when the resort may estimate vacancy and allow you as a timeshare owner to purchase each night for pretty much cost, $50 to $100 dollars typically.
I don't want to go through the stereotyped headache in case it is as bad as people say....and you?
And if anybody knows how to successfully sell a timeshare without losing everything they paid enlighten everyone...

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